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For Pet Health specializes in holistic dog care, holistic cat care, and geriatric pet care. Our on-staff pet nutritionist offers pet nutrition consulting for your dog or cat which includes a personalized diet and holistic program suggestions, all custom-tailored to your pet's personal needs. For Pet Health offers the option of phone consultations or in-home consultations.


Get your loved one on the path to good health. Book a consultation with a Pet Nutritionist today!

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Schedule an in-home consultation and get a personalized nutrition plan for your loved one.

B. Lakner, Ohio

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Christina C.

I cannot thank Darleen enough! My two year-old poodle started having seizures a couple of months apart. They gradually occurred more and more frequently until he was having about one a week and his vet was ready to put him on meds. I desperately searched the web for alternatives and came across Darleen. Between the awesome testimonials and Darleen's personal assistance, I was sold and decided to try it. Since her recommendations, he's had one seizure in 5 months! His entire vet's office is completely floored and I'm so happy that my little buddy can now live a high quality life (and I can sleep better too).

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C. Lucas, Portland, OR

Since being diagnosed with pancreatitis a year ago, Fred has had bouts of pain, vomiting and diarrhea. The last bout four months ago, convinced me that there must be a solution to his discomfort.  I did some research on line and came up with your site. He is not only more lively, energetic and romping around. BUT the blood work done recently shows his pancreatic numbers to be exactly where they should be.  My Vet said, "Good Job". He is healthy and now I can look forward to Frederic's future health and longevity.

Thank you,

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Gail L., Pennsylvania

Before I found you, my sweet cat, Big Momma, was suffering badly. Throwing up, horrible diarrhea and losing weight rapidly. I had taken her to different vets, spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars and they couldn't tell me a thing. I was ready to have her put down to alleviate her suffering but decided to see what I could find out through my own investigating online. This led me to your website and Darlene. She helped me with diagnosing Big Momma's condition and suggesting what supplements and care I should try. I followed her direction and my sweet kitty is now on the road to recovery. I can't say enough about the care that both me and my cat have received! I just wish I had found you sooner! Thanks Darleen! I will be eternally grateful!

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