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Throughout the years Darleen Rudnick, Pet Nutritionist has shared her articles with many organizations in order to help pet owners in treating their loved ones naturally. 

Your Old Dog

Natural, holistic and herbal supplements for senior dogs.

Information on hypoglycemia

The Chat Shack

Article on Epilepsy in Dogs

Article on Seizures

Holistic And Organic Pet Shoppe

Article on Seizures - Treating Canine & Feline Disorders

Book on home cooking for sick dogs

Woof Report

Recipe for homemade Halloween dog treats


Article in Spanish on Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome

Dog Health by

Article on Yeast Infections in Dogs

Acme Canine

Possible medical causes for aggressive or unusual behavior in dogs


Maxbone is a sophisticated brand for the dog lover, born by the desire for a simple and chic lifestyle for the entire family. Designing modern pieces, with a focus on quality and fabrics that are timeless. Based in Los Angeles, but styling pups worldwide.

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