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Canine and Feline Seizures (Epilepsy) and Thyroid Disorders

by Darleen Rudnick, B.S.W., M.H.N., Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Is your dog having a seizure?  Is your dog having symptoms of seizures?  It may be a thyriod problem!

If you have a pet suffering from seizures, it is highly recommended that you have a thyroid test done. The basic thyroid test includes T3, T4 and TSH levels. 

Once you receive the results, you and your veterinarian should look at them closely.  If your pet is below the normal range, it may signal hypothyroidism. If your pet is in the above normal range your pet may be suffering from hyperthyroidism. Even if your pet is in the low normal or high normal range, it is important to monitor the thyroid closely and the amount of seizure activity. Thyroid problems can contribute to seizures, so a low or high normal should be consider when discussing treatment.

For more information on controlling seizures naturally read, Naturally Treating Epilepsy and Seizure Disorders in Dogs & Cats.

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