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The Dangers of Antibiotics

Antibiotics, meaning literally “against life” were invented to kill the invading bacteria that the immune system has failed to destroy, resulting in bacterial infections somewhere in the body. Antibiotics have many benefits, however, there is a disturbing downside to the use and overuse of antibiotics. Antibiotics are ingested to kill off bad bacteria but are in fact ruthless killers of all bacteria in the body both good and bad. When they set off in the blood stream to kill bacterial invaders they have no understanding of which bacteria are invading and which are immune system supporters. They are not thinkers, they are killers.


When the friendly flora is depleted and cannot effectively communicate with the white blood cells the body is set into a cycle of a weakened immune system. This breakdown in communication makes the body more vulnerable to new invading bacteria. White blood cells then cease to communicate effectively with each other, allowing the chance of both viral and bacterial infection to greatly increase. Therefore, when antibiotics are given, it is crucial to add probiotics to the diet.  Avoiding probiotics supplements is an invitation to the contraction of more and more illness and disease.


Destruction Of Beneficial Bowel Flora


Immune Suppression.  Antibiotics act by inhibiting certain enzymatic processes of bacteria, and by changing mineral balances.  Normal cells, however, are also affected.  This may be one reason why antibiotics weaken the immune response.          

Overgrowth of Candida Albicans And Other More Dangerous Intestinal Infections.  Normally, candida albicans, a common yeast, lives peacefully in the intestines and elsewhere, in harmony with other flora that keep the yeast in check.  Take an antibiotic and all of this changes.  By suppressing the normal flora, candida takes over and problems begin. In its mild form the result is  a yeast infection.

Nutrient Loss And Resulting Deficiency States.  Nutrient loss from antibiotics is due in part to diarrhea, which causes a loss of essential minerals. Destruction of friendly bacteria in the intestines can also impair the synthesis of certain vitamins in the intestines. While not a major cause of malnutrition, antibiotic usage may be another factor contributing to poor nutrition and thus a weakened body chemistry.


Treating Effects, Not Causes.  Antibiotics only address the end-stage result of a weakened body chemistry - bacterial invasion. The bacteria may only be there to "mop up" the biological debris that are present because the body is too weak to eliminate the poisons.

High Cost.  While the cost of a single antibiotic prescription may not be extremely high, newer ones are somewhat costly.   The costs are high when the side effects are considered, along with the sheer numbers of prescriptions that are written around the world each day.

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